I’m basically the last born (20)years in the family of three kids. My elder brother (26)years still lives with us in the house and is so unbothered about making it and his future, he’s a fashion designer but doesn’t take it serious. I’ve gotten tired of talking and having to think of means of success for him. I feel it’s something from the family following him because I don’t understand how someone of his age is so unbothered about his life and future. My mum has cried and talked to him but no change, I’ve equally talked but no change. My sister too(23) years is almost like him, though she has plans but she not so outspoken about it and she’s not social, she’s a student in her 400level. I’ve tried talking to her and giving her business ideas that doesn’t really requires capital in as much as you have a phone and data but she’s just there. I’m just tired. I have lots of business ideas, I’m so active and outspoken
I’m majorly the middleman in the family that caters and fend for the family from the little I earn from my freelancing job and business (I own an online food store and jewelry store). Most times I get depressed and ashamed to tell people I have an elder brother when I get asked. I feel sad whenever other lastborns talk about the lastborn treatment the get from their siblings. But i am just here hustling like the first born
I’m tired……

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