Good God

Just today being 27th sept of this year would have probably been my last day on earth but thank God it didn’t. After doing everything i did during the day, i got home at night prepared food for my niece to eat and then go to bed, her mom was out, then i went out of the estate to get some cannabis. Because it’s been a while i had a smoke and i haven’t been good so i went to get it but it wasn’t available at that time so i decided to use the money to buy bread. I got to the shop, i took the bread and while i was just leaving,an accident just occurred somehow, it was a bus and camry car moving in the wrong lane this night, the bus driver lost control after they did each other and the bus came running directly into the shop i was in with some other people. Omo i didn’t know if i should run out or stay in because what if i just run into the bus and what if it runs inside us. The owner of the shop held and was already shaking terribly, i just thought it was it, me dying or something terrible, only the sound of the vehicles hitting each other and the bus driver trying to gain control and the shattered window glasses ought to make someone terrified. But GOD DID!! The driver was able to control the bus, it still took him a long time to stop though. Everyone was shocked, i mean who wouldn’t be! But nothing happened, then went back to the estate, then i was able to still get cannabis,so i and some guys at the estate had 💨time for the night but i was just thinking of what happened few hours ago and i am just glad that GOD got me afterall🫂🥺🥺🙏

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