Two years ago my husband got another woman pregnant and I was asked to forgive him and accept the child as my own.
Yesterday he found out I got pregnant for another man. I told him the exact same thing.

Update on “Lol”

Read through the comments of my story. Just want to let everyone know that I can take care of the child. The father of the child is taking precious care of me. In pounds and dollars.
And secondly, I AM getting a divorce. The father of the child has wanted to propose anyways.
I lost the love for my husband when he cheated.
Also, the father of the child is his boss. Didn’t look his way until my husband fumbled.
Guess who’s getting fired on Mondaaay.

Uodate on “Lol” part 2

My husband’s reaction? Well he’s been crying around the house since I told him.
I also told him I’m getting a divorce and he’s begging me to let us start over. His mum also called and begged me, that he has nobody to be a mother to the child. I told her to call the child’s real mother. If you know what my eyes saw those two years, you’ll be happy for me now.


  1. Do you dear ;But let’s fAce it ,you really think this your Husbands boss would take you serious AFTER YOU CHEATED ON YOUR CURRENT HUSBAND WITH HIM???No LOVE,MEN ARE NOT FOOLS ,It might seem all perfect and Shiny now but this MAN CAN NEVER TAKE UOU SERIOUS …He’d definitely have side flings sooner or later .so love ,prepare for it okay???this one isn’t KARM A,it’s just having a taste of your own medicine…sha Dey prepare ,

  2. Well… she got her revenge.
    Moral lesson: nothing goes back to normal when you cheat, it would have been better if you didn’t cheat at all.
    Even they say they’ve forgiven you, they don’t forget, men and women do this so it has nothing to do with gender. Obviously she had been thinking of an opportunity to get back at her husband and mess him up and it worked.
    I hope the husband gets back from this, people mess up but not everyone admits they mess up and ask for forgiveness.
    I hope he gets up, fix his life and move on.
    In this life, even with all the money in the world, peace of mind is all that matters.

  3. Keep living in a bubble. You cheated on him with his boss and the boss wants to propose to you and wife you up? Lmao you need to go rewrite this script again.

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