I am a man, I’m 21 years old, and I’ve been loving this lonely life even when I live among people I call blood. So years ago all of a sudden I lost my happiness and ever since then I have been trying to be strong and happy! I can make people happy but in my room at night my bed is full of tears. I care about others happiness, but people don’t care about me and I don’t feel appreciated, though I’m the youngest, but they only appreciate me. They needed something from me. Furthermore, I don’t like seeing people sad, but I’m sad. What should I do? I want to be happy, I thought money was happiness!!! I don’t have much, but I drive a car that my mate drives and I live In a comfortable apartment. What’s wrong with me? Every night, my head is full of suicide. All of a sudden, I feel betrayed. I’m this type that doesn’t have friends or even relationships. I tried once In my 20s, and she cheated, lied and even worse. People think I am dumb, but I’m not, I just want people to be happy I tried relationship I make her happy, but she’s sleeping with other men. That’s not my problem, but why Is this happening to me? I feel lonely, I feel like killing myself. Those around see me, maybe I’m stupid ! Again my words don’t matter or let me say I don’t have a say whenever I’m broke so my heads up all time hustling!!! No happy moment. Is this how people live, or is it just my life? Well my birthday is early next year, I will be ending my life in my room. I told people around already that my birthday next year will be different. But before then I want to make a lot for my siblings because no dad, so they won’t suffer. I’m not the firstborn. Or is’t that nobody like me maybe everyone loves me for what they can gain. OAU.


  1. No man!!! Please don’t do that…. C’mon man you got this? You’re strong because you survive each day that passes despite everything. Please man don’t take your life 🙏,it can be sorted out for real, you need help and you need to open up to someone physical.. trust me its gon be your Time to happy just keep holding on to the things you find peace in. God gat you!!

  2. Don’t end ur life boo.. Asuu is going to call off this strike and you’d feel better, try working on ur aura, Appreciate life wether good or bad,your dad is no more and your siblings will get hurt wen u leave… everything will be ok… give it time you’re still young♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. Bro, that’s not the right way to go believe me, for the sake of your siblings that are looking upto you and God. Even if you decide to make 10 billion and leave for them, it won’t be enough because these people look upto you. Life isn’t easy these days for anyone, so many mental breakdowns, but trust me, with time, all will be well! Keep building.

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