I’m so broken, I never loved anyone like I did with you. It breaks me everyday, I try to move on, try not to chat you up, try not go back to your profile, I try to forget us and all we had and planned 💔. It was beautiful while it lasted yeah it was, the memories it was a beautiful buh now sour💔. I can’t even even recall some buh instead my heart goes back to all the times you hurt me and me hurting you too💔💔. We both messed up yeah..I never loved anyone the way I loved you. I wanted everything in this world with you. I just can’t get you out of my head, i force myself to talk to people, everywhere is boring without you,Snapchat, WhatsApp, instagram, iMessage,phone calls. We loved each other buh can’t be together 😭💔I don’t how you dealing with this buh please block on my both accounts so I can try to move on…(M I V)your name in initials..Priceless like you always call me 🥺💔😭. I’m broken .Session 32 live by summer walker has been on repeat and Don’t walk away by Tory Lanez🥺

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