Sexually abused as a child

I (a boy) was sexually abused at 4/5 years old by older female neighbors I’m 22+ rn and since then I haven’t had sex, and I don’t masturbate. I’m not a super man, my libido is very high make I no lie.
The funniest aspect is that I have never told anyone before and I don’t even know if anybody in my family is aware to be honest.

I’m the guy

I’m the guy who was abuse at the age of 4/5 I’m currently 22.
Thank you all for the kind comments.
But I don’t think there’s a need for a therapist at this age again but hopefully one day I should be able to tell my mom.
I’ve been celibate and I think I will continue till marriage.
Protect your kids at all cost, not all of them can be me, I know what I’m saying.

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