Body count

All i wanted was to be loved correctly by someone i am in love with. How the hell did i get here? With 13 body count at the age of 18 and most of which is unwilling. I will never forgive the stupid guy that deflowered me telling me it just ‘slipped in’ while we were making out. I will never forgive myself for being naive and weak and susceptible. Everyone of these guys that has hurt me are out there, leaving their best lives and here i am, a shell of myself full of anger and bitterness and intense pain. I still don’t know how i survive each day and the only thing holding me back is my mum, she has suffered a lot because of me. The moment i make good money, i will send it all to my mum and kill myself.

One comment

  1. Ahh 😱…. Abeg ooo… There are people who loves you more than you think… Just be patient… life never gets easy at any point.

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