Currently have two guys with me and they are both okay and hardworking 💯
My current guy is cute and supportive
Anytime I ask for money or something consigning money he will give me and add extra a time but I always seek for attention 🥺😩
Hardly call
Hardly reply message
No love talk 💔
No time for baby girl I do think he doesn’t love me a time because of this things but when it comes too giving me money baba is always there for me
I love him so much
And I wish he would be giving me attention like before when we started dating
Note:we start date before thing turn out well
So I didn’t date him for money sake before you judge me or think I date him because of money.
My first guy(secondary school /uni bf) who ghost me for years and now want me back
We have been together for 4 years now (been friends before dating)
Baba is not bad as well,cute and supportive too (although he doesn’t have money like my current guy) but his okay too
He give me money anytime I ask him or not
Always giving me attention like he does before
Plan date
Movie night and all with me
Show me up too his friends and family
Take me alone in his plan
Now I have the two of them on me and I love them
But I don’t want to break any of them heart because they are good too me
All I want is a good man and attention with so much love
Am confuse 😕

One comment

  1. If you loved your current boyfriend like you said, you wouldn’t have any reason to go back to your ex… it’s clear you don’t and it’s clear it’s for the money even if you’re in denial

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