This a big mess, am currently dating 4 men 2 from the states (Washington & New Jersey),1 from UK and 1 here in 9ja which is the one I love the most and wish to get married to. They all give me money, the issue here is all 3 men from oversea are planning on coming to 9ja this December, they all thinking to have a nice time with me 🥺🥺🥺, Real Mess !!!

My 3 MUSketeers

Remember last week I shared a secret of expecting 3 men from overs this Dec,2 from US and 1 from UK. ok here’s d update,I try to break up with 2 of them,then 1 called and said he hacked into my phone and found out I’ve other men and I said ok bye, the other one I convinced him that int’l flight would stop flying to 9ja from dec and he canceled coming,because he’s scared to be stuck here and I’ve just one coming now 😝😝

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