I’m so confused, got pregnant and gave birth to a lovely handsome boy. I’m not capping but I’m really beautiful and sexy. My Baby Papa keeps threatening me he won’t marry me whenever we have little issues. Sometimes he can be sweet and sometimes so cold. Both our parents have met each other already but I’m beginning to have two minds. Whenever we quarrel, the next thing is move out from my house. Never sees anything wrong in what he does. He can be so mean with words but he’s really nice that I won’t lie. Always saying he wants to change and work on his anger issues but I don’t see that working. I’m not a weak lady at all and I’m very hardworking. I was rich on my own even before I met him. He’s also very rich but ever since I got pregnant, I haven’t really gotten back on my feet. Planning on resuming my business soon.
The last time we had an issue, he told me and my Son to leave the house, wanted to call the security on us. I challenged him and told him I would leave myself. My father has a house which I helped in completing. I left and now he’s asking for a DNA, I told him to go ahead because I have nothing to fear. I’m a very loyal person. We are to meet this weekend at the hospital. Sometimes I think we aren’t compatible but the sex is always amazing. I’m just tired. We’ve both been through a lot together and it’s really surprising how he just acts up sometimes without thinking..


  1. My sister look for narcissistic personality disorder and based on what you read you can now tell if your boyfriend is one. If he’s a narcissist just know that there’s no cure for that and it will only get worse. The best thing you can do for yourself and your son is to move on. Being in a toxic environment and relationships will traumatize you and your little baby. Think about yourself, baby girl. I was married to a narcissist, and I thought about the shame, but the pain was too much that I realized that the real shame is me giving another person the right to mistreat me and make me miserable. Chose yourself and don’t ever get pregnant for him ever again. You can still find love again na 1 child you born you no kii person.

  2. I’m a single mum now….this is exactly what I went through exactly the same character trait,,,omo.be strong dear

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