Are we normal?

I don’t know why my Baby Papa and I are so naughty.. We do things you can’t even imagine. He has watched a nigga fuck me and then punished fuck me. I’ve also watched him fuck a girl and I masturbated to it, we’ve recorded ourselves. Although deleted them. He’s so crazy, eats my ass, sucks my pussy like no tomorrow. He just loves taking possession of my body. He loves it when I tell him things that I did with my previous niggas and then he laters fucks me like no tomorrow.. That’s how I even got pregnant. Always telling me this pussy is mine. Just looking at him makes me wet. We fuck in the kitchen, bathroom, sitting room, dining table. Anywhere we feel like. He’s just a crazy dude. Even when his mom is around, we do sneaky sex and I love that . But I’m loyal and he knows. There was a time we had a threesome with one girl like that, after everything he told the girl to suck my pussy and he was sucking my boobs. I was on cloud 9. He had sex with the girl for a while with condom and then turned to me and fucked me raw. While she sucked my boobs. I’m sure she was wondering why we fuck like maniacs. He finds it hard to pull out from me, I know I got a wap . I just love how he adores my body. My previous niggas still disturbs me . Had to change my number because of that. I just love being loyal to him but we’re crazy. Our parents have met each other and we might marry soon.

One comment

  1. No you’re not love;Craxy people are fun and Spicy to watch;Enjoy baby girl 😊😊❤️

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