My dad broke my heart

Last week,our house help who is 16 years old suddenly ran away from our home, mum went to her parents house to know why she ran away and she started telling her about how my dad who is 75 years has been sexually molesting her for almost two years now😭. My mum couldn’t bear the pain and she confided in me😭, I almost died. I love my dad soo much and he has always been my hero, my confidant,my supporter and my role-model😭I saw him today, I couldn’t look at him in the eyes. How could this man that I have looked up to as a great motivation and model break my heart like this. What went wrong?and the fact that I could not protect the lil girl all these years even killed me more😭. I can’t even shout at him or arrest him. I never knew my dad would be like the men I have read about online, this is a heartbreak I never saw coming in my life.

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