I met a man over 10 years older than me. He said he wants marriage and that’s why he takes care of me. “He is grooming his wife” lol. I think he knows I don’t like him but we both get something out of this part-time farce so why not? Like a wise friend once said “let’s be deceiving ourselves”🕶. Because to be honest, even true love didn’t do jackshit for me. Chocolates sef I no see, just free knacks💀. Once I get a few things established for myself, I’m out abeg. I can’t pretend for long and God the sex is horrible.


  1. Women Dey try oooo…. SMH, Abeg I need sugar mummy wey I go satisfy and go dey settle me

  2. 🤮🤢… Women Dey go through a lot oo, it wasn’t a lie when they said woman wey no get sense na her puna Dey suffer am.. 🤦🏽‍♂️

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