My ex denied my child years ago and never looked back even when my family tried all possible ways to reach out to his family and to do DNA, but they seem uninterested. The guy never bothered to check or know about the child. My child is now 15 years, i found him weeks ago and i accepted him not because i want or needed him but because of my child to know he/she is got a father. He promised to pay for my child upkeep which i never asked him to do anything because i am doing very well so as my child, he’s been acting so funny/unbothered i regreted finding him, it broke me knowing well he’s unapologetic about is past. Now i am planning on charging him to court anytime to pay for his stupidity and i am forcing him to do DNA, after then he will pay and pay but will never have access to my child because the trauma has caused my life in everyway. I am very forgiving nd a good woman but i want to teach him everlasting lesson and for his fellow useless man. The pain is too much for me nd he’s not feeling remorse about my mental health or that of my child. It been hell for me lately but i have to pretend am good for my family. Life is really difficult for the blind😊😊.

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  1. You’ve done a great job caring for your child alone, I think you are better off without him, all he would do is stress you physically and mentally.
    Some people don’t ever think they’re wrong, not even when you explain it to them, and frankly just don’t care. Don’t waste your precious time and energy on him, let him go.

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