Couple of months ago, the man that means the most to me ended things because he needed space. It’s not the first time but I think we’re really done. Relationships seems easy at first but it is really tough.
He said we would have gotten back together but he can’t anymore because I went out with a guy after he broke up with me. Someone I’ve tried to explain was just a friend and nothing happened. Now I’m the bad person. I’m exhausted from the whole thing because I can’t stop thinking about how I messed up and I can’t tell anyone we broke up because I don’t even know where to start from if I’m asked why.
NO! I’ve never cheated on him and I’m not a CHEAT!

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  1. Hmmmm… Not everyone is meant for you, it might seems no one cares but believe and embrace yourself coz things to come will eventually gives you a lasting smiles.. anyone that makes you inferior just bcoz of their own insecurities or immaturity doesn’t deserve you in the first place… be of good courage the right one won’t tarry just be prepared

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