What more do girls want?

I met this girl online. (My online male friend) introduced me to this girl and we both vibe, to cut the story short on our first date we both smash. She was the one that disvirgined me 😢after coitus she was resting on my lap and she unlocked her phone but she didn’t notice I saw her passcode. One night I went to meet her and she gave me her phone to hold so she went inside to change her clothes,while she was away I quickly unlocked her phone and went into her WhatsApp I almost collapsed while seeing her DM’s i was heart broken when I saw her chat with her main boyfriend chat she pinned. Mine was down down so I snapped the chat and kept it on my phone. Anytime we both had sex she will request for money and I’ll send it to her! Anytime she’s going to meet her main boyfriend she would block me on WhatsApp so her boyfriend won’t notice. The last time she did it I couldn’t take it anymore I had to show her the chat I saw after smashing her twice ☹ . She begged and promised to break up with the guy but low key she still visited the guy. When I caught her again, I broke up with her and I deleted my WhatsApp because of her and blocked her number!! She tried to contact me with a new number the moment I heard her voice I hung up the call and blocked the number too. I don’t know how she got my snap handle she added me again and told me she miss me 😹😹 I refused to reply her because since the time we both smashed cashout no enter again she turned me to old taker 😢😢. Now I’m running helter skelter to find solutions to my life and she’s still trying to smash me again

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