Is he a friend or an unfriendly friend

In all my life I don’t know how to be evil or wicked. I have tried but I couldn’t do it no matter how hungry I am if someone comes to me for money for any emergency I would give it to him or her and starve myself. My best friend got paid 6billion naira and I was happy for him and everything I asked him for a loan of 50 to 300 million to start a business and you know buy a house so I can stay in because he already have houses before that money came to him. I asked the loan from him even told him I want it documented and he merely laughed and said he had other projects and I said okay even if its 20million he didn’t say anything later he laughed with the people he was living with I heard it outside I was broken before all this I would divide my earnings with him if I have #200k and he is broke I would give him 100k or 150k and hold the rest because I saw him as my very close friend there was a time I gave him all my money 100k when he had financial problems. Now today I am asking him to help me because he had 6billion naira and he said he cant well long story short he said he is broke now because he bought properties that he already had more than 20 before the 6billion he didnt even give me 1thousand naira from the money anyday. I just want to know is he a friend? Or an unfriendly friend what do I do.


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