Good day everyone, I’m currently going through a lot Ihave been going through heart break for a while now it hasn’t been easy on me. I’m not use to this single lifestyle even if my ex or boyfriend and I still talk. I know this because he thinks we’ve a child together, I’m planning on saying the imaginary child is gone. I lied about the baby to collect money I did a lot of prayers for him to love me, I fasted and all guess, God just says it is not time. I’m really in need of moving on I don’t have friends to go out with, any money I get I end upspending it because of my family are going through a lot now. I just want to go out and have fun, I don’t want to follow any bad friends because I’ve alot of themaround but if I go out with them I’ll end up doingthings I’ll regret. I just need true friendship or love God knows I can’t say all thank you for listening have a nice day everyone.

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