Dear Mr. Indecisive With His Emotions

I love you and I enjoyed the time I spent in your house. Thank you for taking wonderful care of me but honestly you’re too confused. Even though we had that conversation about the both of us still being in love with each other, I knew you were still trying to tell me what you think I want to hear. But the thing you don’t get is; it’s okay to be confused. We’re just in our 20’s. You have feelings for other people, I do too. The difference between us is my ability to make a logical choice and stay loyal to that choice.


  1. Am 25 yrs and the man am with is still broke and I love him so much but societal pressure and all,it just been me trying so hard not to fall cause I really don’t want to hurt him and hurt myself
    He has potential but why is he broke I wish I can do more than just advice and support😭 please advice me before my head burst

    1. You know the right thing to do. Take a few days to go over it logically. The answer you’re searching for is within you.

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