I went on a dinner date with my boyfriend and his oldtime friend who newly came into town. This guy stared at me all through, I was so uncomfortable, rice even fell from my mouth sef!!I had to stand up like twice to the restroom. Last week was my birthday this same guy sent me a Teddybear that says I love you when you press the hand all the way from PH…I can’t stop thinking that it’s weird!!my boyfriend seem clueless!!

Teddy bear(cont)

After the dinner that day, I askd him if he noticed his friend was staring at me all through. He said he did but he doesn’t understand why, so I just locked up. I feel my boyfriend is clueless because the friend sent the teddy bear through him to give me hoping that I would call him to say thank you then that way he can have my number. He doesn’t seem to notice that his so called friend is trying to hit on me.

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