I met my girlfriend in the university in 2016 and we have been dating since then, I left Nigeria in 2020, I made sure she was comfortable when I left, she joined me here this year I sponsored it,I thought I had life figured. I went through her phone and found out she has been seeing someone since 2020 just months after I left, and was flirting online with someone i told her I knew over here because she stylishly asked me about the guy. She denied having an affair and said the online guy she was just trying to get money from the guy, “She texted him ‘I missed u” so I’m not really sure if they met or not. She still wants us to go ahead with our marriage plans but I don’t think I want to walk that path with her again. I haven’t told anyone what happened and I still love her, I can’t continue with the thoughts of another guy deep in her guts.
By the way I’m not a saint either.


  1. As you know you’re not a saint. Kindly lockup. 2 years without sex or physical attention isn’t easy. You know that. Call it a truce, and move ahead. If you decide not to continue with her, you’d be the one counting losses.

    1. That loss he’s going to count us way better and bearable compared to discovering later on that he’d been raising another person’s kid.

  2. I unintentionally bumped into a chat of my gf with a so called friend, well from the conversation she has with him they seem to be intimate. He asked her about her virginity, ask her if she’s touched herself, which she answered and most of their conversation is about sexuality. She says she’s not interested in him but most times tells him she misses him, she’s someone who doesn’t apologize especially to me but she says sorry at will to him, I don’t know if I should ask her about it, because she doesn’t know i read that chat or i should just ignore it and her attitude towards me is someone disturbing sometimes it seems I’m disturbing or forcing the relationship.

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