Yeast infection

I’ve been battling with yeast infection for years now, i treat it but it keeps coming back. I’ve been to the hospital, taken drugs, antibiotics and I still can’t get rid of it permanently. It itches so bad and it’s been fucking with my self esteem.

One comment

  1. Ensure your panties dry very well in the sun or press them with iron after they are dry.
    Don’t wear panties that you dry in dark or damp places like your bathroom.

    Don’t wash your vagina with soap. It’s a no no. Also, stick to one soap product.

    All in all, try as much as possible not to wear panties unless you absolutely have to, maybe during your period or when you have to go out.

    I was having recurring yeast infection a while back, but since I paid attention to the points above, it never came back again.


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