I’ve been dating my boyfriend for almost a year and half, he’s quite stubborn and so am i, and we get into fights most times which he ends up apologizing, even when I’m the offender. Recently, we had a disagreement which led to a break up, he’s been trying to get back to me since then but i wanted him to feel my absence in his life. We finally met again yesterday to reconcile, his phone was with me and a message came in from one of my friends that i know likes him, i was forced to open the message and i went through their chats, i saw that he’s been dating my friend and they were even planning to go to an hotel by weekend he’s been imagining sex with her. I’m pained asf, he knew i read the chat but he wasn’t even remorseful, he told me i was the one that led him to it because i left him (the breakup has only lasted two weeks ffs). I’ve been crying my eyes out since i saw their chats, I’m devastated, i can’t even eat, i still love him so much but i don’t think he does anymore
He told me he doesn’t want to break my friend’s heart by telling her he’s not interested again
I don’t know what to do, i love him, i don’t wanna lose him

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