I just was to breathe

I finished school, moved back to my state and met him, we’ve been dating since. We’ve lived together 8 months now. I’ve grown a lot since then career wise but I’m not my self. I feel like my life isn’t mine, we do everything together, I don’t have friends and when I socialize or attempt to, he accuses me of trying to cheat. It was romantic before but I’ve realized I’m stuck, and too dependent on him. I just want to own my life back. Now I’m even scared of marriage because if this is what it’s like, I don’t want it!


  1. Breathe girl ,I have been in your shoes and truthfully,I feel you but you know what ???AIR IT PUT WITH YOUR MAN ;talk to him ,let him understand your worries ,THE STREET IS COLD BOO ,there’s nothing there o

  2. The Israelite crossed the Red Sea of 400 kilometer in three days

    But walked for 40 years before reaching the promise land of 613 kilometers how?!

    1. You know when they worshipped a golden statue God said he’ll make them wander for 40 years right

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