I’ve been watching porn and masturbating for as long as I can remember, I really don’t want to continue but I can’t stop,it’s so difficult ,at the same time I don’t enjoy sex at all (I’m a girl). I’ve tried but end up relapsing,God abeg! I just want to be a better Christian.

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  1. I understand your reality. It’s mine too. I have been praying about it for as long as i can remember and at a point i thought i was going to live it out forever but one time, i realized i hadn’t wanked in 4 months straight. I was suprised. It requires a certain amount of integrity on your part. Restrictions have to be enforced like avoiding movies or scenes with sex scenes or scenes that might warm you up. It could also be avoiding situations that arouse sexual desires. For me, i stopped alcohol for a while because it made me horny. It might be different for you but regardless. As you enforce the restrictions and constraints, keep praying about it. It won’t happen overnight, or in a month but as Christians, we have been assured victory. Paul said that wherever sin abides, grace is even more present. And whenever you relapse, know that there is no condemnation against you but you have to be honest about it. I wish you the best in this battle. I’m a guy though. I hope my unsolicited suggestions help. Have a great day.

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