I went to see my guy at his place today and he wasn’t home, so I decided to check in on one of his lodge mate (a girl). I never had any plan for her at all but one thing led to another and she got horny. We were both on her bed and she was facing away from me (with her ass to me), watching a movie.
I began by giving her light spanks on her soft bodacious ass, to which she responded by pushing her ass back and setting it properly. As guy man wey sabi, I don already know wetin dey sup. I quickly went to work and went down on her, eating her the fuck out. All the while, she was trying to watch her movie but with the way her legs were shaking and her eyes were closing I knew she wasn’t watching shit.😂😂

where the fuckening came was when I decided it was time for me to give her the D. Na so my prick take sleep. General wey dey at attention don dey sleep.😭 Omoo… I no just know wetin I wan do. And this na babe wey I get eyes on since.
Where God take save me na when she say she no want penetration. Normally after that kind talk, I go still try penetrate. But as my dick no wan show love, I do like say me sef no want penetrate.😂💔
In the end, I ate her out till my lips turned pick. Left her dazed after two massive orgasms and many mini orgasms 😂
Things are certainly becoming interesting… Waiting patiently for her to come begging me for more.🙂

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