My best friend

I met this girl in 2019 we became so close and became best of friends,we were so close that I share my ideas and plans with her . I’m the type that have a very great passion for baking and I haven’t learnt it then my best friend was part of people that do motivate me that I should learn it saying she has my back, so fast forward to the lock down I didn’t know the break would be that long so I was always procrastinating when I will learn the baking until one day that my best friend and I were talking on the phone and she told me she has started learning something so I was curious to ask what she’s learning and she said baking she was so reluctant to say it and this is the girl we talk every day but she never mentioned it and after like 2 weeks she did freedom already I never knew she has been learning since the begging of the lock down. So I decided to learn mine fully since it was my idea and passion But it feels like she betrayed me I cut ties with her but I still miss her and we still vibe but not as best friends again because now it’s like she sees me as a competition
I don’t know if we should go back to being best friends 🥺

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