My friend’s Ex girlfriend

I have been talking to my friend’s Ex since when they broke in 2020. Though it was when they broke I got to know about the girl and since then, we have been talking up till now, non stop (we can’t go in a day without texting each other). Though I’m single and I’ve been having feelings for this girl since last year and I’m sure she’s into me as well because each time I tried ghosting her, she would text me on my other social media platforms saying “I miss you”, “Where are you” etc. I’m just confused right now because I’m really in love with this girl and I don’t know if I should let her know or not. And I’m also trying not to be called a snitch amongst my friends that knows my friend and his ex. Even my friend has been calling me his ex bestie. Lol. But I really want to have a serious relationship with girl..Just let me know what to do please. Thank you.

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