Confused feelings

I don’t know how to feel, in my whole life I’ve only been in love twice, and I’ve been with countless people. I’m still in touch with both ladies, distance is an issue for the first, but the second is my ex and I still very much love her. We see sometimes and still have sex because I can’t seem to let her go, people close to me know what I have for this girl is rare, I’m like a different person when it comes to her, my parents even know about her because I talk about her, everything about her looks perfect to me. Of recent I found out she only loves me but she’s not in love with me (if you know what I mean ) and I think she let me in her life because of how much I love her. I actually feel like im a problem to her, but everything feels right, I feel like I’m to be in her life to make up for all the hurt she’s been through, but I also feel I should let her go before I end up hurting myself.

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