My mind is breaking

I have alot of skills and potential. I’m fucking brilliant, a multiple award winning entrepreneur, an innovator and much more. The crazy thing is I’m 22 and I achieved most of my feats when I was in my late teenage years. But now I lack motivation. I’m scared to talk, scared to act, scared to create. I give out advice that helps people, I know what to do but I’m a prisoner of my fears. How can I break out of this cage. I have multiple professional certificates in business. I’m currently a law student but my.. ..whatever I’m going through is making do bad in class. I know I have what I takes but I am scared to move. I’m just stagnant, stale scared of things I cannot see, scared of things I do not know. Can someone please advise me before I lose my mind to depressing thoughts.

One comment

  1. You just need to breathe! Calm down and breathe. You have time. Don’t be in a rush. Your talent and intelligence are part of you. They won’t leave you. How about focusing on just on thing for now? Focus on being the best law student of your set. That would be an achievement too. You can always be whatever and whoever you want to be. You really don’t have to be on Forbes list now. You can still make it at 28. Just chillax. Live and enjoy the present. Cheers!

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