Omo so me and this guy broke over some misunderstanding oo…after all the begging and all because the issues got to his parents. Everyone tried begging and all but dude said he wasn’t interested and I left him not knowing this dude went to my best friend dm and was texting flirty with her, he even asked her out on a date. This isn’t the first time because we had issues over it before and he said i shouldn’t take it that way
Now the same thing
Omo I don’t even know how to feel
Someone I loved genuinely and aborted a child for
Omo 💔

I really want this to be brief
The misunderstanding we had earlier resulted me to curse him
So that was what caused the break up
I know I went extreme by cursing him but I mean there can’t be smoke without a fire
The thing is we’re so much in love
And I’m not ready to lose him at all
Him making the decision to break up isn’t truly what he wants
He’s pained cos of the curse
And I’m really feeling bad cos dude is really hustling legit
I’m just so not ready to let go
We had true love
I’m just so confused
I don’t know how to move on
I feel like we need better time and understanding
I really need someone to talk to him that he’d listen too
Like a therapist or so
I swear I truly love him and he does
He’s just saying hurtful things to me so I can just hate him and move on but I can’t cos I know he does not mean them
I don’t know if I’m forcing love but our love is genuine.
We both have flaws but I don’t want myself to be judged only
I want him to realize his flaws too and be better
I just want him to realize we are good for each other that’s all
I’m emotionally downcast 😔💔

What resulted to our breakup was we had some misunderstanding and I cursed him
I feel so bad cos I couldn’t control my emotions
I shouldn’t have don’t that
No one is perfect
But I went too extreme
I just hope he changes his mind
We both can’t move on and breaking up isn’t the best for us cos our love is genuine
We just need better understanding and tolerance
I hope we can get like a therapist to help …🥲

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