I hope I’m not possess

I’m scared of myself. My problem is my sex libido & drive is just too over high & im in my mid-20s. Major Problem of higher sex drive with sub-problems in the sense that, I find it hard to even cum easily; even fuck for more than straight 5 hours without getting tired. And I use to pity the babes, because they be saying they have cummed multiple times, they tired blah blah. Sometimes I feel I’m possess because no girl I have sex with; that will not love me or feel attached because of my penis & it’s work. Sometimes can only masturbate just to be able to cum while sometimes if the pussy is really good, quite cum early. And I have a problem of lust. Can’t legit be a friend to a girl without we don’t end up in bed & I attract fine girls & at first sight girls feel comfortable & like me.
Another thing, Tinder & cash makes it even more easier for sex. How do I quench this my high sex drive & go longterm without sex because as a man, I don’t need to be carried away by pussy here & there.

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