My boyfriend recently lost a lot of his money (SOL COIN) that he invested in due to crypto crash and his GREED …Now he got some money from his brother and wants to enter the market again but is very confused ,scared and being extra careful ..The whole thing keeps messing with his head as he has to keep checking the market and graphs waiting on the dip to the lowest saying he wants it to drop blah blah and I should pls pray on it with him .I’m not happy and it’s straining our relationship..out of help,I reached out to “MAMALAWO” on iG ,she charged me a lot for consultation and told me some weird things about him ,like scary weird shit ,I don’t know what to believe cause some are playing out already or am I over thinking it ???I don’t know what made me think this would help tho…so confused 💔💔💔

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  1. Pls for Gods sake don’t patronize those people again in your life.
    They are out there for businesses only.
    Do you i can basically tell u 12 things about your boyfriend and at least 8 will come to past, that is basic psychology.

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