Why does it feel like most of the guys I date are trying to rape me when I tell them I’m not ready for sex. They tend to guide my arms from pulling backward, and stopping my legs with theirs. I’ve experienced this common pattern, and I feel bad all the time when it’s about to slide in. It usually hurts and not enjoyable. Even though I say no and please stop. My new boyfriend has done this twice, but pretending it was alright. Even if I say stop, they don’t. I’m so sad, and I haven’t had penetrated sex before. He’s not understanding when I say I’m not ready. Idk anymore.


I posted earlier about my boyfriend, forcing me to have sex., now I just broke up with him. All in the name of having virginal sex, he held my neck and scratched me. And he tore his shirt that I was wearing to sleep, because he told me pull it and I was arguing about being totally naked. I am traumatised.

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