Am i overreacting?

I have a “supposed” boyfriend that stays in the US, and yes i know things are tough, i earn less than $100 here in Abuja, and since January until now, this guy hasn’t even said manage #5k. I know it’s not my money and i’m not asking him to get me a house, but at least a thought of sending money for your girlfriend would go a long way.. yet he likes to video call me everywhere.. shey if my take home na #46k, i go dey think of to dey Whatsapp abi? Please someone should read and understand and tell me if i’m overreacting or not.


  1. My dear, you are not over reacting but for the guy do be acting in this manner,there must be a reason for that.
    1) If he just started dating you ,like after he traveled he began dating u. He might be having doubts about you and other guys
    2) And because you have not opened up to ask him, his insecurities keeps rising.
    Man up and ask him for money, tell him you can’t keep up calling him every minute on whatsapp with your little income cos Data is being purchased with money.

  2. Babeeee just ask him. He’s response would determine if you’re overreacting. He’s your boyfriend. Open up to him

    1. Aside that you’re not entitled to his money. The truth is You’re not his girlfriend. You’re just a friend who he uses to kill boredom.

  3. The USA is going through heavy inflation. Things are also very expensive there ,not to talk of lots of taxes, bills. Even $100 feed people over there for 1-2weeks. But just talk to him not every guy would be sending you cash monthly, he isn’t your dad.

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