I laughed

Sigh…….I can’t explain how this has affected my self esteem. Gosh my own father told me to strip naked and lay on my back and I did, I was innocent, I was naive. I was only 15 with a big body, he said a pastor told him that he should check this daughter at home that she is wild. He said to me spread your legs then he fingered me after that he said he wanted to check if I was a virgin that I was opened. Ah me not a virgin how I was a omo get inside for crying out loud then carried a black liquid in a bottle and dipped it in my vagina

My mum came and met my dad with me naked he told me to get dressed then my mum and him left for their room lol still date we haven’t discussed about this matter. My so called dad has been sick for a few days and we don’t live together because of his job and I didn’t call to check up on him why should I? He called my mom shouting that he will disown me and delete my number Omo I laughed me wey don disfather am tire tire

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