Disvirgined at 26

My babe disvirgined me. She said she hasn’t had sex since the last guy she dated in 2019. We’re both devoted Christians, Recently she allowed me penetrate her for few minutes to give me the experience as we only do hand job and oralsex to kill konji while we wait for marriage. Felt a bit used after but she is now protective of me because of this.


  1. Man up Nigga and don’t act feminish
    Just advising oo
    Cos you can’t tell me dat a sexually active woman has not seen any man since 2019.
    Bro reason naa.

  2. Lol 3 years she never doke?
    Stop that joke bro
    She de collect back to back from another side

  3. 1. She is probably getting piped to her satisfaction from somewhere else, don’t believe everything women say about their sexual history.
    2. She is very happy that she took your innocence and wants to keep you that way, that’s why she is so protective of you.
    3. She sees you as a good prospect for husband, so you are definitely meant for keeps.
    4. You are new to the game, so probably easy to keep playing you.

    Make of all this what you want, they may be true, they may be false.

    Just stay wise

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