Stupid best friend

My secret is I want this friendship over already. You this thing
Where they said ladies should be careful of female besties, they can be secretly jealous and try to ruin or mar you. Right
So I’ve always had this niggling thought about my best friend that she might just be a slimy bitch and can just back stab if it favours her, reason I don’t tell her the truth about me and anything that gives me money and peace abeg, she recentlyy just confirmed it shaa lmaoo . She said my ex has been texting her of recent oh BLA BLA and she’s not his level and not gonna entertain him
Same person went to all her social media handles to post that people’s boyfriends are in her DMS disturbing her and people are dating nonsense.
So who is people ? Me ! Lmao, see shade
I said what a life , Aunty if it is this my ex boyfriend? I dash you 1 million timesss 😂😂😂. Use him and front all you want abeg , guy that is not even mentally stable , 🤣🤣 love and light dear if he’s your husband sef please by all means marry him 😂😂. I want this guy to be an excuse for this friendship to end now sef, make she no come pour sand for my garri. The quality of people I move with now are way above her league and she doesn’t know anyways, so she can’t ruin anything beautiful for me ni .

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