Hmmmm…. I am so depressed right now, am single mom will be 30 years and size 14, I have someone has been dating for 5 years now or more but for 2 years now we been fighting about many things. Guess I realized he was doing nothing much in the relationship except for sex, being self independent didn’t make me realise that but recently I have started putting my eyes down and checking so I don’t end up in a wrong one again. He’s battling with finance and he does help out but not all the time which I do appreciate, I make sure I don’t put all my life on a man because I don’t want to hear rubbish that’s why I work and be independent. I guess men don’t want honest people has Partners in life. For the past 5 months my sister told me he chatted her up, comments on her pictures and call her sexy names talking about how he wants to have sex with her. To be honest I see the signs because the first time I showed him my sister’s pictures he looked at her in a sexy way but I ignored thinking maybe he wants to get close to my younger ones as their friends but it was opposite he wants to sleep with my sister. We fought recently and solved everything yesterday but this morning I decided to check my sister’s phone and see all the text, it was nasty. One thing I find strange yesterday was after the dropped me off, I tried to check if he looked at me going, he didn’t I checked twice but he didn’t. He’s talking about marriage now and baby, guess he just seen me has someone boring to put in his house and do all type of rubbish outside. He’s coming today and i am going to show him all his chat, let’s see if he’s going to say something else. I am done, I don’t want such man in my life. I am really scared of being alone I won’t lie but it is better to be alone than to be sad in a marriage. I want a better man and father for my son I will get that man one day not too long again but this sick guy, i am done with, so done

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