My mom 53 (separated and widowed )and she is an amazing mother she knows how to care for us, but the issue my siblings and I have is that my mom is too dirty. She can slice onions and pepper on the kitchen sink without using the chopping board, my mom will use the bathroom without washing herself after peeing, she will just wear pant. My mom will sometimes put her hand inside the rice that she’s boiling, just to pick some grains to taste if it’s properly cooked, she can stay for a whole day without bathing,my siblings and I have talked and talked but still no change. It’s not like my mom is sick she is healthy but I feel the dirtiness is just in her nature, she doesn’t have memory loss or anything. My mom will throw her dirty clothes and plates after eating all over the room, sometimes she leaves them in the sitting room, I have to clean up some of her mess but I’m tired. The one that pisses me the most is that she likes to drink mini pack Chelsea before going to bed, she drinks like 4 mini pack Chelsea sometimes she’ll take it with sleeping pills, it has become a habit for her that we try to stop but it’s all falls on deaf ears. My siblings and I are fed up we even quarrel with her sometimes because we tried talking to her like a mother but she just wouldn’t change.


  1. You’re not concerned about your mom taking something before she can sleep???
    You only care about her dirtiness??
    What if she’s sick or something??? 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  2. So you want us to what about this? You are quick to come here to cast her what if she is dealing with alot emotionally? My friend go home and learn how to Honour your Mum.

  3. your mum might be depressed mayne drinking makes her feel better. also people who are depressed do not care about taking care of theirselves or environment.

  4. She might be going through a lot mentally, probably depressed and she might just not know how to share her thoughts. Talk to a professional psychologist (preferably in an hospital).

  5. All i can say is try getting close to ur mum she might be suffering emotionally and u don’t see it all u see is the dirtiness i feel pity for ur mum by just reading this

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