I’m going to die before the end of this month, don’t want anyone to know I killed myself . I’m just 19 and the pressure in this house has pushed me to the wall and I can’t take it no more. Bad parenting has destroyed my life coupled with bad luck in life. It’ll be a shock but let them know that “she couldn’t take it no more” This is my last message here It has been nice❤


  1. Omg baby girl
    Please just stop!
    How can I reach this lady
    She needs to leave her home

  2. Pls i don’t know you but just do me a lifetime favour by sparing your life i will forever be grateful.
    Am battling with depression but seeing your message here on the 16th will be much of a relief for me.
    Pls do me this favour 😰😰

  3. Please, don’t do it🙏 I am pleading. You do not have bad luck. Please, it will get better, I promise you🥺🥺

  4. I am currently in the worst period of my life but I am pleading with you not to take your life. Things will definitely be better. Try to reach out, even in my depressed state, I will be willing to help.

  5. 🥺 we all love you pls don’t away ur life
    Everything would be fine soon definitely, it’s just a matter of time and patience. Sending love and hugs 🥺❤️

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