My so called friend just made me cry tonight with his words, I seriously do not know why I put up with him. He has a very high I.Q and he is always making me feel dumb, he is even called me dumb a couple of times but I think I’m going to end it tonight. I’m cutting him off

Tears 2

I keep wondering if I’m the one at fault maybe I’m just too fragile and I suffer from a low self esteem like he said. The last two fights we had started with him getting getting angry at me for ending a call with him without telling him, in my defense he was doing something else and all I could hear from the other line was noise so I just ended the call. Then the last one was the one that brought me to tears. I asked him about something and he told me he already told me and that I have selective memory. He telling me I had selective memory pained me and I didn’t talk to him throughout that day. The topic came up later and he mentioned how I ignored him that day and I told him what he said, and he told me people says it alot as a joke and I told him he didn’t say it has a joke and that was how he started insulting me and saying I sounded dumb and all. So maybe it’s me and not him.

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