I’m 20 and still a virgin, but my friends makes me feel less of a woman and of myself by constantly calling me a mommy’s girls and making fun of me because I’m the only one who hasn’t had sex in our group yet. I laugh it off as a joke but deep down it hurts and just makes me want to go ahead and have sex just to get them off my neck.


  1. They are jealous of your chastisement and what you to be like them, cut them off or keep laughing about it but don’t ever conform till you decide when it’s right

  2. They don’t like you girlie .
    They make mockery of you and all that, Just get it straight into your head that they are not true friends, they will still leave when its time. Forget about their fake love and everything and be who you are.

  3. It happened to me too. I hurt as well, but I tried my best not to conform. Eventually, we lost contact and I don’t even know where those so-called friends of mine are today. Don’t change because some ‘friends’ are making fun of you for being chaste. Honestly, be glad you’ve seen this side of them; it puts you in a better position to be careful around them. Girls can be vile.

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