“I’ve missed you” WAHALA

How can you go to a chat I had with someone i’ve known since 2015 who used to be my very good friend way before I met you in 2016. I stopped being friends with this person because I knew he was starting to like me and I was just getting into relationship with my present boyfriend now. This person chatted me up 2019 to check up on me after 2 years and out of excitement I just told him that I do really miss him from a very platonic view to be honest. like the kind of ‘v really missed you’ you tell an old friend you bump into on the road. He was a good friend and really helped me during my 100l days. My boyfriend saw the “I do really miss you” from 2019 on Facebook few days ago because I gave him my password and is punishing me by giving me attitude for days now because of this,even after explaining..l I’ve never really liked this guy at all the “I missed you” was just from a very exciting state of mind!

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