Rescue operation!!!!!

I want to be that one that’ll save my family from poverty! I’m turning 20 soon , I’m in my 4th year , and I don’t want to end up like my parents especially my mom in terms of financial life. They call it management I call it poverty!! I want to be able to have millions in my account and help my family when need arises I don’t want to remain poor. I’ve done a few businesses which has not been going well because of lack of funds and no one to help me with funds , I’m planning on moving out of the house soon so I can succeed, my family filled with complains, no going out, no assistance,you can’t even eat meat in peace without complain that’s not the kind of life i want ! Even to press phone is a problem. They will be complaining and nagging God I really need to leave this house if I continue staying here I will suffer till I die

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