Help help help

I’m dead, I don’t know how I can still communicate with humans. I’m dead please they should me allow me rest Ooh. I wrote this myself, what’s happening.


  1. Hey conntore.
    I’ve a lot going through with me this pass few days 😔. I’m confused on the decision to make on my relationship level right now . So I and my boyfriend aren’t in good terms jus because of an ordinary picture and a TikTok write up I did Mehn . I’m just sick and tired of him always wanting to control me in all my life , my post , where am ought to be or not , he get’s angry over least minor things , always making me feel lonely and stupid , when his not speaking to me or calling but online 24hrs I feel so sad , I confronted him on not texting or talking to me like he does with his girls he changes the topic to I’ve guys too wtf where now . As on Saturday we broke up I blocked him on all the medias I had him blocked his call line and his friend own cause am tired of moving back and front with this so he came to my house apologised got a dress too we were good again I told him my elder ones are coming home on Sunday for an introduction. Do y’all know we spoke that Saturday night I wasn’t still ok cos his always very annoying ready to fight and call u names , so I told how I felt I want more of his attention and care , that lil things matters little affection helps. Throughout that Sunday he didn’t call or text me I was still the one that had to push the convo by 3pm . Because I made a TikTok video TikTok write ‘’When I see the new girl and me laughing knowing what she will see ‘’. Normal his a nice guy expect when the annoying and anger spirit comes, asked him why he didn’t speak to me excuse was because of my TikTok write up ha God, when I posted that was by 2 so since morning you didn’t care to call or text because of what now ur angry ,we argued he insulted me calling me a Fool . He always insults me Mehn am tired even though I know I’ll be lonely I want to back out of this . Right now his online can’t apologise always being proud of himself mister know correct . I cry most nights and day when I remember the situationrelationship i found myself .
    Secondly he doesn’t even give me enough money just 15k ,10k, 20k only I’ve seen from him, he has never gimme me more than this but there’s cash when his friends or mom or sisters ask for a specific amount he gives but me when I ask for 50k or 35k or 30k I see 20 or 15k . It’s paining me inside to the last . I’ve tried to cope up but I can’t anymore we’re not meant for each other . Imagine when your own bf stays a whole day not calling you when he calls by 5pm and u don’t pick up he has concluded your cheating .
    Thirdly, the most funny part since we started dating 1year and 7months now we have never gone to a any expensive or beautiful restaurant before expect Genesis the normal one , chicken republic, but he has gone to place with different people always lying they’re the ones taking him, his younger sister and friends will invite him out he’ll go the younger sister friend likes him self , Mehn am tired , even takes his best friend out(Girl) more than me, his family hasn’t seen me before but has seen the best friend, whenever I cry out saying I want to go out he has excuses to give me is either BTC is low or he can’t now but someone else can invite him out and he’ll go not thinking twice . I’m being deceived here with love from his mouth but not seeing the evil his doing to me . Most times when I see people enjoying the little the have I cry cause Mine has plans for his money that am not even part off .

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