I dated a girl in my first year in university, she’s a pretty girl and she knows I’m a playboy from start, but we ended up in a relationship. Everything went well between us in the first year, though we had a long distance relationship in the first year. We didn’t really know ourselves because we met at school, then corona holiday seperated us for a year. After corona holiday, we both ran away from home to meet at school because we had missed each other so much, we are a popular couples in my faculty and some other areas in school. I’m a loyal play boy but as time went, I felt cold about the relationship. She started feeling insecure in relationship, like her trusting me was hard, she was always wanting to be on my phone knowing what’s going on my WhatsApp whether I’m talking to other girls or not. A few days to her birthday, we had a huge fight that we both hit each other, but because it’s not my behavior to be violent I begged her. I even cried because I know what holy books talks about hitting a girl, she forgive me because she loves me, then it persisted till we broke up. It’s 9 months+ now, we have broken up now but to be honest I have a relief after we broken up even though all the memories still remain in my head.

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  1. My mum has been on my neck for some months now,always reminding me the typa guy she wants and the state she doesn’t wants me to get married from … she Wants a catholic and also likely from my state.
    I’m still in the uni and I’ve been given estimated time to get married in 3yrs time.
    I really love my boo 🥺😩.. we’ve been together for 2yrs+ now and I ain’t planning on leaving him because of my mum specifications.
    He’s not even a catholic neither is he from my state lol..I no you’re reading this my love ,we’re gonna be together 4life
    Funny how I’ve been reading such cases online,never thought it will happen in my home too…na wa 😪

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