I’m in a relationship but can’t take care of some of her bills , all her friends are dating rich guys except her & she’s more sassy. I feel guilty because I really want to do a lot for her but still trying to & my talent hasn’t paid off though, I’m still growing . I feel like ending the relationship because I can’t foot some little bills of hers, I’ve a lot to do with money but family & my bills won’t let me , i always give her money when I have but I feel that’s not enough & I claim to be a boyfriend. I feel I don’t deserve her, I don’t know how this would make her feel . I want to quit 😫😫😫


  1. Its a relationship ffs not marriage. You need to break that thing you call relationship off else you be sucked dry. Fact is she would ditch you for a richer guy once she sees one. I don’t know how y’all be putting yourself on unnecessary pressure.

  2. Summon the courage to talk to her first. Don’t just assume stuff. And if she asks for more than you can give then leave.

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