Gaslighting friend

I’m just tired. I have well had because I truly want nothing to do with her anymore. I had a friend whom I loved dearly, we were inseparable, people thought we had something going on even though she’s female😂. Well she has kids and I love them to death, they’re my God babies. So before my “friend” had her kids I would go visit her atleast twice a month even though she stayed 10 hours away from me. I would share my off days with her and when she got pregnant, same thing. I would still visit, sometimes spend my holidays with her as opposed to going some place else, would share my salary with her, time, anything really and I didn’t care. Then I got into a relationship. I moved from home, got myself a place close to work, and stopped visiting. Well subtly, I go once in 2 months until I eventually stopped & I haven’t stepped foot there in almost 6 months. Now she’s giving an attitude. She’s refused to call me, check up on me -I really have no problem with this until I realised I do these things and more but never get same or even half of it in return. So I stopped doing them & she automatically stopped. Occasionally I would text her, call her, to know how she is – also to speak to my Godbabies & then I asked her one day” I’m always checking up on you but you never do the same, what’s up with that? And her response was… you know I like to give people their spaces too! Then it dawned on me that this friendship has overstated its welcome. I’m just done. Really!

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