I’ve watched my Mama being abused and emotionally tortured by my dad and his Mum for 20 years. I stood up for the first time against them and people sentimentally started seeing me as a bad person, how can you still be beating my mum at 54. I’ll be 28 years old next month, i stood against him and his mum, and I’ll do that over and over again. I can be anything, not a coward.


Thanks to the cheer comments guys, I feel so much better, I’m definitely not a bad person, I couldn’t sleep throughout the night, thanks.


  1. You didn’t start on time! I experienced something similar with my dad growing up, I was 18 when my siblings and I told him we would tie him and beat him up, that was the beginning of peace in my house tbh

  2. Concerning the mama post I’m presently in that shoe and it’s crazy , I spoke up for my mama and I became the bad person , I regret ever speaking up . Never at peace since then 😩😩 I hate how I’m feeling only mum understand how I feel Marriage scares me tbh

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